Welcome to the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Somalia In the wake of the Embassy’s presence in Washington, D.C, I am thrilled to announce our partnership with the United States and the many future developments and progress in Somalia. The United States is home to over 250,000 Somalis, most of whom sought refuge and family reunification in America during the outbreak of the Civil War and are now productive citizens of the United States.

The reopening of the Somali Embassy serves as a symbol of the progress that is taking place in Somalia, and it is the result of ongoing efforts to revive the country’s diplomatic ties across the world. The country has experienced many positive and commendatory outcomes, such as increased businesses with new initiative and technology, refined access and equity in education, improved progress on gender equality, and much more, despite numerous challenges.

Although the Embassy of Somalia reopened on November 18th, 2015, and still at its early stage, we wish to provide Somali citizens and prospective visitors the basic services in which they need most.

We are proud of our newly opened Embassy in Washington and wish to both continue and strengthen our friendship with the United States, fostering bilateral relations to contribute to peace and development globally.

It is with great honor and privilege to serve my country as the Somali Ambassador to the United States of America after over two decades of diplomatic absence in America.

I hope you find the information provided on our website valuable and useful. We look forward to serving you here at our Washington location.


Ambassador Ahmed Isse Awad